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Linda Dixon

Freedom Engineer. C.A.

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Ex VP global investment banking. Biggest deal >$1B.


 web: www.lindadixon.com                     email: linda@lindadixon.com
 tel/fax: 253-669-4593

 Favorite Personal Quote:

 Life is a "vehicle" for expression of who we "really" are. Business is a  "vehicle" for expression of who we "really" are and is SET UP to deliver us  our chosen lifestyle!

 The question becomes… who are you, really… how do you express you and  what do you truly choose for you?


 I humbly love ALL of me (it did take awhile for me to get here!). I love my most  glorious man, Nisso,  more and more every moment! I love delicious, nutritious,  gourmet food. I love applying universal law  to manifest effortlessly. I love playful  exploration of life!

 Personal Philosophy:

 To live in a world of truth while leading by example and manifesting my  playfulness.

 Vision for Business:

  • To connect spirit and passion to life & tangible business results.
  • To promote & be living example of a new model of business – one based on freedom, not fear.
  • To be cause of positive ripple.

 Expression Vehicle (Business):

 Speaker and author of practical ways to operate in the new economy. Strategic visionary partner to executives and business leaders.

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 Where I Come From:

 V.P. Global Investment Banking for 8 years with BBY in Australia and Bankers  Trust in Toronto.

 C.A. Price Waterhouse for 8 years working on global client base in Toronto  Canada, New York and  Sydney Australia.

 Traveled the world (except India/Africa) for pleasure and to see life through the  eyes of others.

 Favorite Pastimes:

 Sport, being in nature, reading.

 Favorite Thing I Do Each Week:

 Wake up, smile and say thank you for another glorious day!

 Favorite Internet site:


 Favorite Movie:

 Anything with Robin Williams in it!

 Favorite Books:

 I love reading, integrating global, economic & spiritual thought and applying it to  create positive,  tangible results in life and business.

 Why I'mpossible for me?

 Two or more minds working together in the spirit of harmony, for common  purpose, create a much  bigger pie!

 It's OK not to do it alone!

 Together everyone achieves more!


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